Dog License

Due Date Announcement

Dog Tag Due Date is January 31st.

Any time January 31st falls on the weekend, the due date will be the following business day.

Online Dog Registration System

Ohio State Law requires any dog over the age of three (3) months to have a license within 30 days of ownership. Any license purchased after 30 days of ownership, or renewed after the annual renewal period between December 1 through January 31 must include a penalty equal to the cost of the license. Your dog's license may be purchased at the Auditor's office Monday through Friday between 8:00 am - 4:00 pm.

Tag Fees

Tag Type Price
Puppy $8.00 * Turning 3 months old After July 1st
Adult Dog (1-year) $16.00
Adult Dog (3-year) $48.00  
Adult Dog (Lifetime) $160.00  
Kennel License $80.00
Dangerous Dog $50.00
Duplicate License $5.00 * For a current lost license
Transfer $5.00 * To transfer a current license to a new owner

Late Fees

Ohio Law Requires a Late Fee Equal To The Cost Of The License. There is no provision in the law to waive the fee. If you renew your dog's license after the January 31 Due Date the cost will be as follows:

Tag Type Price
Adult Dog $32.00
Kennel License $160.00

Tag Renewals

Ohio Law Requires licenses be renewed each year between December 1 and January 31.